Luxedo in Worship Centers

Luxedo | April 28, 2020

Inside or outside, Luxedo is here for you.

Are you a church planter? Looking to take your worship center to the next step? Wanting to engage the crowd with augmented reality? We know just the way!

Luxedo can be used to run scripture, lyric videos and examples at an exemplified size. No more worrying about if the people in the back row can see what the screen says or not.

With Luxedo, you can create the best experience in worship centers and during sermons. With our preloaded graphics (and the ability to upload your own) the worship center can be a more welcoming and interactive environment. Luxedo is also portable and can be moved room to room, or location to location. Just mount the device wherever you would like and create the unimaginable at the touch of your fingertips. 

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