The Luxedo Journey

Luxedo | May 12, 2020

As mentioned in the last blog, Luxedo was created by two engineers searching for a simpler way to decorate for the holidays. This was a small spark that turned into a revolutionary product. What if you could decorate an entire venue or house at the touch of button? Could it really be that easy? These two found that through their diligence and hard work, the answer was yes. The hard work had been done by them, leaving the easy part for the user.

Luckily, engineering and inventing was a passion for both Matt and Harold. So what seemed to be like a ton of hard work, was actually something that fulfilled their passions. Luxedo started as a bulky unit in a garage, much like the famous brand we all know and (mostly) love.. Apple. 

Many late nights and long days were spent on this product. Wanting to ensure that their customer had the easiest and best experience with their product. The start was for Christmas decorations, but the end result turned into a waterproof and water resistant projector that could be used anywhere, for anything. 

The idea sparked in Ohio, but was brought back to Knoxville where the planning and implementing began. These two powered out ideas and experimented with different ideas to build the first unit. Once they realized they had something going, they decided to take it farther. Trips were taken to China, meeting with companies and researching products that could be used in Luxedo. Then they started with the software and with completing the unit. The logo took a more modern turn as did the website, and here we are today. 

We created a product we know you will love. A product that can benefit not just you as an individual, but the community as a whole. With our short throw lens and use augmented reality, you have the power to create great things. We are here to help you on your creative journey.

Luxedo product image 2

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