Affordable Immersive Experiences for Your Next Corporate Event

Luxedo | November 13, 2019

For those of you familiar with the industry, you’ve probably heard that projection mapping has taken the corporate event world by storm and is an emerging tactic used to increase engagement with attendees

Historically, utilizing a projector for large corporate events is quite expensive and typically requires outsourced solutions from projection professionals (Yes, we exist). But thanks to the advances of today’s technologies, projection mapping hardware has never been more affordable and functional.

So when planning for your next corporate event, consider these cost-efficient, projection-mapping experiences to really engage and wow the crowd:

Live Social Media + Photo Feed

Nothing engages an audience quite like a live feed streaming posts and photos from the attendees themselves! As peoples begin posting their event updates, you can stream them live to allow other event-goers the ability to keep up and read through the thoughts and opinions of peers. While there are many apps and tools that collect and display social media posts, creating your own live social feed is simple. All you need is a projector, and to encourage users to tag your company’s social account or use a relevant hashtag so you can view the posts as they come in. This not only facilitates healthy conversation among attendees, but it gives your event a much larger platform for engagement.

Product Highlight + Demo

With unlimited scalability, projection mapping is a great way to build anticipation and showcase features for a product launch or highlight. This Samsung SmartTV Launch is a great example–not only is projection mapping used to introduce the product itself, but the experience goes on to highlight key specs and features in an engaging, immersive way. We also love how this artist uses projection mapping to advertise a product by mapping directly on the product itself.

Event Venue Mapping

For corporate events that don’t involve a product release or conversation starters, projection mapping can be used to dress up the venue itself–like this installation. Projecting movements and videos, in addition to text and images, is a great way to immerse attendees in a professional way. And if you’re wanting to take an informative or educational approach, think about including projections that tell a story, like PowerPoint but interactive.

While these are just a few suggestions, there are endless ways to incorporate projection mapping in your next corporate event. We suggest considering the event and it’s attendees first, then thinking about the primary purpose of your event: what do you want guests to get out of the experience? Whether it’s to learn more about an organization, introduce a new service or product or explore a relevant topic of discussion, projection mapping will truly engage the audience.

Our Luxedo team is always thinking of new, innovative ways to use projection mapping. Have a creative idea? We’d love to hear from you, give us a shout today!

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