Get Bigger Gigs by Incorporating Projection Art

Luxedo | October 29, 2019

Typically, concerts are dual-faceted. You have the artist on their stage and the audience in their seats with little-to-no interaction between the two. Of course, this is excluding big-name artists able to invest large amounts of time and money into a show that dazzles large crowds for hours on end.

However, for smaller musicians and artists who aren’t entertaining thousands of people at once, there is untapped potential in creating shows that allow the audience to become fully immersed in your performance using projection art. And because today’s projection mapping software is appealing to everyday users rather than just tech junkies and AR enthusiasts, it’s never been easier for a beginner to start incorporating projection art into their performances.

Connecting Your Crowd

With video mapping and 3D projection art, entertainers have a new form of creative expression that’s able to transform everyday experiences into interactive moments, leaving a lasting impression on their audience. 

  • Laser shows – Colorful lasers that blast through a crowd is one of the most common visual effects used by entertainers, probably due in part to the accessibility and usability of laser applications. With projection mapping, upgrade your laser show to include a more vibrant, textured beam that can be easily synchronized to your original music. 
  • Responsive images and videos – Another common visual aid used by entertainers are images and videos that play two-dimensionally on a screen. Projection art allows you to create 3D AR experiences that come to life and respond to your music with motions and movement.
  • Timed light shows – Taking it a step further than laser beams and 3D art, combining visual content to create a timed, responsive light show is a captivating way to connect the audience to your music.

The Results

Because projection art and video mapping is not-so-widely popular among smaller-scale artists and musicians, this is a great tool to establish yourself as a unique creative and set yourself above the rest. Creating memorable entertainment not only leads to audience retention but can also result in better gigs for you–a win-win thanks to projection mapping.

At Luxedo, we want to empower the everyday user to create interactive AR experiences of their own with no technical expertise required. To learn more about Luxedo and our easy-to-use projection mapping software, click here.

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