Video Projection Ideas for Concert Venues

Luxedo | December 19, 2019
Projector shining blue light projection

Today, art no longer has to be two-dimensional. Gone are the days of experiencing videos and images by simply staring at a screen–we couldn’t be more excited. Projection and video mapping software has become more accessible across the board, being more user-friendly and having a much nicer price point.

This new accessibility of professional-grade projection mapping equipment for a relatively low cost allows entertainment arenas like concert halls and venues the ability to become the ultimate event hosts.

One of the great things about video projection is that–due in part to its unlimited scalability–there are virtually no limits as to what you can create. However, due to the unlimited creative possibilities, it can be quite challenging to create unique yet highly captivating video projections. To help give you a few nodes of inspiration, here’s a few examples of how you can incorporate video projection in your concert venue:

The 10th Annual Concert of Allegro Music Education Centre 2016

Beyoncé (Run The World) Music Award Show 2011

Chicago Live Stage Performance

With an easy-to-use video projection software, creating and projecting immersive projection experiences has never been easier.Looking for inspiration for your next project or event. Explore our portfolio to see how people are using their Luxedo projectors or look through our blog for other projection ideas. Have a question or suggestion? Feel free to reach out to us!

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