Images, Videos and More- What You Should Look for in a Christmas Lights Projector

Luxedo | November 25, 2019
White and purple snowflake projection on tree wall art

When you’re in the market for a new gadget, it’s always important to do your research before committing to new equipment. And with new, hi-tech holiday projectors hitting the market just in time for the holidays, educating yourself on the best device to fit your needs is essential; hard and time-consuming, but essential nonetheless.

A quick Google search to find out which projector is right for you may be the obvious first step, but it’s easy to get consumed in the never-ending rabbit hole of provided holiday information. To make things easier for you, we asked our team to compile the most important things to look for in a Christmas lights projector. A list by projector professionals, for the everyday user:


This may seem intuitive, but one of the most important features of a Christmas lights projector is the materials it’s built with. Since the holiday season tends to bring colder, harsher weather, having an outdoor projector designed with weather-resistant, waterproof materials is key. Not only will you be able to cast light shows throughout the entire winter season, but you’ll get a better peace of mind knowing your device is made to handle the wind, rain and snow.


Determining what projector technology is best for you depends primarily on your needs. Going along with the theme of a Christmas light show, we recommend laser or 3LCD projectors. While both have their own unique benefits, laser and 3LCD projectors project high-quality, professional-grade video and images well into the night.


Another key product spec dependent on your intended use is device mobility. When using your projector outdoors, it’s important that your device has built-in security measures to deter potential thieves. Another important consideration is throw ratio – if the area you wish to project on is large, are you able to position it in a place that it is safe and secure while still having exceptional clarity? Purchasing a projector with a solid throw ratio will allow you to place your device where you need without having to worry about picture quality.


In order to get the most use with the most quality, make sure the projector you’re buying aligns with a simple and seamless software. Understanding how to work your projector is one thing, but knowing how to successfully integrate a software that allows for vibrant images and videos to project in high-resolution is can be quite the task, so choose your system wisely!

Our Luxedo projectors are expertly designed for indoor/outdoor use year-round with our easy-to-use software already integrated on each device. Our intuitive software and hardware designs make Christmas light shows easy and projection experiences a breeze. To learn more about our all-in-one device, check out the Luxedo projection mapping system or reach out to us directly.

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