Up Your Holiday Game with These Christmas Light Ideas

Luxedo | October 27, 2019
santa projection on garage - blog

It seems like every year, the holidays tend to come earlier and earlier. And when Christmas comes early, Christmas decorating comes even earlier. Before you know it, the weather has dropped, pumpkin spice has been replaced with peppermint and boxes of old, tangled holiday decor begin making their way out of the attic. And before you’ve even had a chance to sit down, your house looks like the inside of a Country Living magazine. Aaaaand so does your entire neighborhood.

With Christmas lights hung from the roof, garlands encasing your front door and lighted, tinsel reindeer perfectly positioned throughout the yard, it seems as if people are reluctant to stray from the classics when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations. And rightfully so, outdoor decor is time-consuming, strenuous and overall a big hassle–why spend time you don’t have on something you don’t need during the holiday season? Between hours spent untangling light strands and connecting extension cords, last-minute shopping trips and those painfully boring holiday work parties, there’s simply no time for creativity.

Enter Luxedo.

With an easy-to-use projection mapping software and weather-resistant hardware, you can easily create unique Christmas experiences that are sure to up your holiday game and put your neighbors’ houses to shame. Here’s a few of our favorite Christmas light ideas brought to you by the power of projection mapping:   

Replacing your Christmas lights with projected visuals and elements will not only save you time and money year over year, but allow you to fully embrace the holiday spirit without having to spend hours digging through dusty attic boxes and hanging half-working strands of twinkling lights.

Creating a magical holiday experience fully equipped with a window-peeping Santa and cascading sugar plums without having to pull out the ladder? Say no more.

At Luxedo, we love empowering the everyday user to create amazing projected experiences. Our easy-to-use software and weather-proof hardware are perfect for transforming your holiday decor on those cold December nights. For more ideas and inspiration, visit our blog or check out our portfolio – or reach out to us directly!

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