Immerse the Crowd: Getting your audience off their phones + in the moment

How did Evan experience Luxedo?

Evan, a 32-year old entertainment professional, recently started his own DJ company. Prior to starting his own business, Evan spent the majority of his early career working for a larger event management company. Aside from working with the company, Evan also contracted for local talent, ultimately leading him to start his own business. Thanks to his long-standing career in the entertainment industry, Evan has good rapport among local talent, vendors, venues and production companies. Even though his business is relatively new, Evan experiences great success and steady bookings. However, as he plans for the future, he knows he will have to work hard to provide innovative services in order to attract larger clients and keep up with competitors.

Lately, Evan has been looking for opportunities to expand his service offerings. He’s looked into immersive projection experiences before in the past but was swayed by the technical jargon and confusing technology leading him to simply rent the equipment as requested by clients. 

Purchase Planning

Unsatisfied with the not-so-high quality and expensive price point of rental projection equipment (not to mention the lack of mobility), Evan knew he needed to invest in his own equipment. He had done initial research on professional projectors in the past, so the outrageous price models came as no surprise. However, he did not anticipate the additional software and hardware needed to create 3D projection art and augmented reality. As a small business owner, Evan values investments that yield a strong return. He knew that once he purchased projection hardware, he also needed to set aside long hours of onboarding and discovery.

Evan’s Luxedo Experience

After discovering Luxedo through a local networking event, Evan was excited by the promise of professional-grade equipment made simple and eager to see it in action. Although he’d heard from his peers that the Luxedo product had an easy set-up process, he didn’t know what technical onboarding lay ahead of him. Once he began working with his Luxedo projection system, he was very pleased with how user-friendly and helpful the guides were. In no time, Evan set up his Luxedo projector and was able to create his first projection experience in the design portal.

Evan decided to incorporate custom light and video mapping in an upcoming client event. The client, an indie-alternative rock band playing at a local venue, was known for their well-defined, folksy brand appearance. Per their conversations, the band wanted a show that “got people off their phones, and in the moment.”

Working closely with band members, Evan created a custom laser and projection experience that included the band’s colors, logo and custom textures. Not only that, Evan synced his projections to move and play in unison with the music. Once the event began, he hit play on his Luxedo creation and enjoyed the show.

The concert was a major success. Not only were guests immediately immersed in the music, but Evan noticed that once the projections started, guests were fully engaged in the environment around them. The band was so impressed with the immersive, branded experience, they even asked Evan to finish out their tour with them over the next four shows.

Evan’s Top 3 Luxedo Features

  • Quality – As a small business owner, Evan prioritizes investments that yield a return. He wanted equipment that he could not only rely on and grow his business with, but integrate with other equipment he chooses to invest in.
  • Price – Typically, Evan rented his projection equipment project by project. He knew that in order to include projection and video mapping in his service offerings, he needed to invest in his own devices. While the Luxedo projection system wasn’t necessarily a low-cost item, purchasing his own equipment was a much cheaper longterm solution that saved him future rental costs.
  • Functionality – Evan considers himself tech-savvy, but not quite an engineering expert. Thanks to the helpful guides and video walk-throughs, Evan easily learned how to use his Luxedo projector and integrated design software.

Luxedo gave Evan the competitive edge he needed to take his business to the next level. With projection mapping and augmented reality, Luxedo transforms the world around you into interactive, engaging experiences. Whether it’s for work or play, Luxedo brings your creations to life, learn more today.

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