Grand Opening: Local boutique hotel gets immersive projection experience

How did Greg experience Luxedo?

Greg, a 30-something living in Atlanta, has a full-time job working remotely for an e-commerce company in engineering. Although he enjoys attending Atlanta’s many festivals and events, Greg’s primary community consists of his personal blog followers. Focusing on AR and videography reviews and opinions, Greg’s amassed a dedicated following with his unique voice and clear passion for the work.

While Greg stays busy between his job and his blog, he’s looking to test the waters of a career transition. He’s developed enough confidence in his AR and videography skills via his blog, that he thinks something in that field might be a good fit for his expertise and abilities. He wants to find a product or software that’s already built, that he can build a niche around, without having to engineer something from the ground up.

Purchase Planning

Since Greg has built a digital identity around his product reviews, he is typically one of the earliest adopters of any given product within his areas of focus. He scours Twitter, Reddit, comment threads, and Google alerts for product releases to find the latest items to obtain for review. As he starts to explore possible side gigs, he looks at things he’s already reviewed as well as any new possibilities, looking for products that haven’t reached mainstream adoption yet.

Greg’s Luxedo Experience

One day, Greg’s Google search alerts notified him about something called Luxedo. After some initial research, he realized that it had gained some traction in niche audiences, but hadn’t reached widespread usage or adoption in the Atlanta market. He quickly ordered the projector and began sketching out ways he could build a side hustle around the product.

Once his Luxedo Projection System arrived, Greg started tinkering with both the projector itself and the design software. Based on his research, he realized there were promising local opportunities in the event support space—whether corporate events, local festivals, or other medium- to large-scale events. Plus, his roommate connected Greg to a production company that was interested in hiring him on a contract basis. Best of all, as one of the earliest recipients of the Luxedo Projection System, Greg was able to write several key blog posts about his experience that quickly generated a lot of engagement.

Greg’s first gig was a grand opening for a boutique hotel in Atlanta. He worked with the event planner and other vendors to animate a photo booth that incorporated the hotel’s branding with a whimsical illustration—all made to appear as though picture-takers were interacting with the projection. Not only were attendees absolutely delighted, but the event planner was thrilled with the quality of photos and the reception of the experience by hotel leadership. 

Greg’s Top 3 Luxedo Features

  • Software – Greg loved that he could write his own code for the Luxedo design software. Given his experience with development, he found this gave him additional flexibility to design and create groundbreaking experiences quickly and easily. 
  • Influence – Being an early adopter of Luxedo gave Greg a few advantages. First, his content around the projector and software helped him reach ‘influencer’ status in the AR and videography community, for whom Luxedo hadn’t become widespread yet. Second, as he explored side gigs, the novelty of Luxedo gave him an immediate leg up on any competition—further cemented by the delight of the projection experience itself.
  • Company support – Although Greg is an engineer, he was still dreading the spin-up time of learning a new product and software. However, when he received his Luxedo, he discovered helpful guides that turned hours of onboarding into minutes. From there, he could quickly iterate through different experience designs.

Luxedo turned into a great fit for Greg. But it’s not just a product for engineers—it’s a product for anyone with an interest in creating imaginative, immersive experiences. From hobbyists to executives, Luxedo can be a pivotal product, learn more today.

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