Luxedo Projections to Scale: From small church auditorium to large event arena

How did Luke experience Luxedo?

Luke is an AV Engineer at his local arena venue. While he doesn’t oversee the entire AV department, he does head the special event lighting team. Luke has worked at the venue throughout his entire professional career after first completing a mentorship with the AV Director. He is extremely passionate about his job and, because of his past mentorship, has a very close relationship with the director. At just 24-years old, Luke is proud of all he has accomplished professionally thus far but he is always looking for new trends and innovation in his industry– products that not only make him look like a rock-star in front of his director but also elevate event experiences entirely.

While Luke typically spends nights and weekends working different music and sporting events, he’s also involved in the local AV community and with his church’s youth group service.

Purchase Planning

At his last AV community meeting, one member highlighted a new recent purchase from Luxedo. Luke was intrigued by the idea of creating his own projection mapping and augmented reality experiences and dedicated the rest of his night to researching the product. Luke isn’t one to purchase new technology on a whim, but he realized Luxedo was just the kind of innovation he was looking for to incorporate both at work and youth group. As he starts to consider all the possibilities, he knows it will take some pretty heavy convincing to get his director on board.

Luke’s Luxedo Experience

Once he received his Luxedo Projection System, Luke immediately began creating a unique experience to incorporate at the next youth group meeting. Although he was concerned about being able to connect his projector to the church’s AV system, his the system integration was seamless and hassle-free.

As kids began arriving at youth group and worship teams took the stage, Luke projected pathways throughout the auditorium to lead kids to their seats and bring his creations to life. Not only was he able to create a custom light show synced perfectly to the music, he also projected animated characters that danced on stage and moved throughout the choir. He watched as the kids were amazed, dancing and playing along with the projections. Luke was thrilled with the success of his first projection experience and couldn’t wait to report back to his director.

After showing him a recording of the experience, Luke’s director was interested in creating another projection experience on a much larger scale at the arena’s upcoming hockey game. The director decided to purchase an additional Luxedo projector to be mounted at the top of the arena. Working with the team’s brand manager and graphic designer, Luke and his director were able to create a branded experience for the team that included the mascot entering the ice to pump up the crowd, text that read “GET LOUD” and then introduced the team by projecting fire as they skated into the arena.

The experience was not only a major success, but the audience members instantly took to social media to express their amazement with one user writing, “Check out the Tiger’s entrance tonight! WOW! Talk about hyping up the crowd!!!!”

Luke’s Top 3 Luxedo Features

  • Durability – For a simple device that creates immersive projections, Luke loved how durable his Luxedo was–  it’s lightweight design makes it easy to pack up and transport; and because it is easy to mount, Luke experiences amazing flexibility with his Luxedo.
  • Software – Luke was wary about connecting his Luxedo projector with existing AV systems, but he was able to easily connect and integrate his device with speakers and lights thanks to Luxedo’s advanced WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Ease of Use – From a medium-sized auditorium to a large sporting arena, Luke and his director were amazed at Luxedo’s scalability. Not only that, Luxedo’s integrated design software also made it easy to customize content for different events and brands.

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