Holiday Hero: Elevating Christmas decor with projection mapping

How did Kenneth use Luxedo?

Kenneth works as an HR consultant at a company he’s been with for several years. A Kansas City native, he now lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Kenneth and his wife Kendra have two kids, ages 8 and 13. They stay involved in their community through their kids’ activities and their neighborhood friendships. Every year after Thanksgiving, they host a block party celebrating the holidays at their home—it’s a big event that they look forward to all autumn.

Kenneth in particular loves to focus on planning festive, elaborate holiday decorations for their house and landscape. However, he struggles to find creative or innovative approaches at the home goods stores, and what he does find often doesn’t last through the season (much less multiple holiday seasons).

Purchase Planning

Kenneth researches most purchases, heavily relying on reviews and online product descriptions to make a decision. He enjoys tinkering with cars, electronics and even the kids’ toys, so he looks to products that are well-engineered. Often, Kenneth finds out about new products on Reddit or message boards as he’s prepping for holiday decorating.

Kenneth’s Luxedo Experience

After discovering Luxedo on a message board where he and like-minded holiday hobbyists talk shop, Kenneth decided to try the projector and software for his upcoming Christmas party. His goal? “I want to create something that stops people in their tracks. Something that makes them go ‘Wow,’ and leaves a real, lasting impression.”

The weekend of the party, after some testing, Kenneth hit play on his Luxedo creation—a mashup of clips from movies like Elf and A Christmas Story that interacted with an inflated candy cane entry arch to greet guests as they arrived. Halfway through the party, Kenneth switched to animating the yard figurines to wave goodbye as guests left, as projected snowflakes fell on the surrounding landscape.

It was a total success. Adults were amazed and impressed, kids were entertained, and no one could stop talking about it at the party or for weeks after. Kenneth, in particular, loved how seamlessly everything functioned and the new experiential opportunities available to him for future events. 

Kenneth’s Top 3 Luxedo Features

  • Price – For a price not far from many other items Kenneth has purchased for holiday decorations, he was able to not only introduce a new experiential element—but also able to elevate and transform other decorative items, like his collection of vintage yard figurines. 
  • Durability – Louisville winters aren’t arctic, but they’re cold and frequently rainy or icy. This presents challenges even for basic decorative components like light strands, so Kenneth was nervous about the Luxedo projector’s ability to withstand the elements. He was excited to find that the projector was truly as weatherproof as its user guide promised, even remaining operational during a surprise winter storm. 
  • Guided Setup – Although he’d tinkered with everything from the toaster oven to the kids’ bikes, Kenneth wasn’t as comfortable with the idea of the Luxedo design software. In fact, he’d once purchased an ‘AR projector’ in the past, only to find out that its experience design platform was overwhelming and unfriendly. With Luxedo, he was able to follow an easy user guide to learn the platform and even get started with some basic designs. 

Luxedo isn’t just for Kenneth. It’s a creation and projection experience for holiday and event heroes of all stripes—for those whose imaginations didn’t dim with age and who love creating whimsy in everyday life. Learn more about Luxedo or purchase your own by clicking here. 

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