Branded Projection Experience Elevates Corporate Event

How did Bethany experience Luxedo?

Bethany, a corporate event planner for a Kansas City recruiting firm, checks many of the boxes for those in fast-moving careers. She’s extremely driven, has an eye for both detail and big-picture strategy, and excels at just about everything she’s put in charge of. Often on the road to host location-specific events, Bethany has an efficient process for event planning and execution, but she’s still looking for ways to innovate. For a recent event in St. Louis that was designed to provide recruiters the opportunity to engage with prospects, Bethany wanted to incorporate a new element into the event’s flow.

Because of her previous successes with event hosting, Bethany felt the freedom to explore new trends while staying within her set budget. Friends in her professional network had mentioned a new product called Luxedo, so after some initial research, she decided to purchase the projector and software in advance of the St. Louis event.

Purchase Planning

The company Bethany works for is thriving but remains cost-conscious both as a budget concern and in an effort to stay nimble in the marketplace. She herself has found that staying frugal on expenses like linens, while splurging on more memorable components like a great space or DJ, is a combination that maximizes her budget. Although some purchases have to be outsourced, Bethany’s preference is to keep most recurring event expenses in-house to save money and time over the long run. Luxedo fit well with these preferences since it represented a one-time purchase with the potential for some serious ‘wow’ factor.

Bethany’s Luxedo Experience

While Bethany had done some brief initial research, she didn’t fully know what to expect when her Luxedo arrived at the office. Although she was concerned in the beginning that she may have to call in the IT team to help her set it up, she found that the guides were easy to use and ended up setting up a test projection in under an hour. Working with her company’s design team, Bethany was able to set up a branded experience that projected footsteps, pathways and finish lines on the floor of the event space to help guide prospects towards key decision-making points.

The recruiting event was a huge success. Bethany was able to record not only a record high number of conversions but also an influx of positive responses from attendees. Further, the recruiters on-site at the event were delighted by how unique the Luxedo experience was, and by being able to project an experience that would have been clunky or time-consuming to do with physical signs. One recruiter noted that “Having Luxedo to use for this event was a ‘duh’ moment—like, ‘Duh, why didn’t we think of this before!’ We could literally guide prospects to their next step without having to lift a finger ourselves, and while putting huge smiles on their faces.”

Bethany’s Top 3 Luxedo Features

  • Price – It wasn’t the cheapest thing Bethany had ever bought for an event, but it certainly paled in comparison to the open bars and live bands she’s used for other events. Regardless, the initial cost became a true bargain once Bethany thought about the endless designs and functions of Luxedo, which would bring its cost-per-event down significantly over time. 
  • Ease of Use – While the initial setup was seamless, what Bethany really loved was how portable and storable it was. No easel or speakers to lug around—just a small box that could be packed and unpacked in literal seconds. Plus, it was easy to incorporate into event space’s AV or power systems as needed.
  • Quality – One-and-done products are not what Bethany’s interested in. Instead, she looks for professional-quality products that stand the test of time. Luxedo’s engineering quality and big-budget feel were both huge wins for Bethany, who eventually scored a promotion by elevating her events with Luxedo.

Whether it’s a corporate event or a holiday party, Luxedo can transform a gathering into something truly memorable. With Luxedo, people like Bethany are better able to create experiences that go beyond telling a brand story to actually engaging people with a brand story. Talk to Luxedo today if you want to make your brand story a reality.

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