More Than a Home Theatre: What to Look for in Your Home Projection System

Luxedo | October 13, 2019
halloween projection on garage

Trying to buy a new projector that is best for you is quite similar to choosing a new TV–essentially, they all do the same thing, so why does it seem so hard to find what’s right for you? We’re probably right to assume that your search brought you to Google to help decipher which projector will meet your needs best. As a result, you probably discovered that not all projectors are created equal. And that’s okay – because while you may be interested in streaming movies in your entertainment room, another user wants to cast elaborate projections onto the side of their office building.

What’s in it for You?

To determine which piece of equipment you need to purchase, consider the primary use you want to get out of it. So ask yourself– what are you expecting your projector to do? Whether it’s to cast movies in your living room, upgrade your outdoor holiday decor or create immersive light shows, it’s essential to consider what you intend to do with your projector before you commit to a device.

If you plan to use a projection system for at-home use, it’s doubtful that you will need to entertain thousands of people with vibrant, eye-catching graphics that are professionally designed and coded–so you’ll want to avoid expensive, overly-complicated hardware that requires add-on software purchases. We recommend a projection system that covers the basics:

  • Functionality: An easy-to-use, easy-to-understand technology that doesn’t require hours of onboarding. The more complicated it is to learn, the more trouble it is likely to give you down the road.
  • Multimedia: Quality projectors are quite an investment, make sure your projector has the functionalities you need, plus a little extra. You never know what you will be inspired to create, so having a software that allows for graphics, images, video, text and more will give you the freedom to do so.
  • Mobility: Big, clunky hardware is hard to secure, store and use–especially when it comes with multiple attachments. We recommend an all-in-one, weather-proof system that allows you to move, secure, store, mount and use with ease and without worry. An easily portable device will also allow you to use your projector outside of the house–whether it’s for business, events or more.

Overall, the projector that’s right for you should be easy-to-use and highly functional. Unfortunately today, there seem to be very few projection systems that operate with a robust yet simple interface–which stresses the importance of educating yourself.

At Luxedo, our all-in-one projection hardware and software is designed to do what others can’t– work for you and with you, not against you. Our projection mapping solutions are expertly engineered to offer high-quality projection and projection mapping experiences without being confusing and technical. 

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