More Than Just Holidays: Family Fun Night with Your Home Projector

Luxedo | December 5, 2019
Purple tree projection with animated falling leaves

It seems as if “the most wonderful time of the year” tends to also be the most stressful time of the year. While it won’t simplify the entire holiday season for you, using a weather-resistant projector in lieu of those feeble, hard-to-work-with holiday decorations is a fool-proof to show your creative side without spending your entire weekend on a ladder. A way to decorate without spending all day in 30-degree weather? We’re all for it. 

But once the craziness surrounding the holidays settles down and life returns to normal, you may be left wondering “What am I supposed to do with this projector now?”  With an easy-to-use mapping software and professional-grade projector, there are no limits as to what you can create! So for those parents with kids suffering from post-Christmas boredom before heading back to school, here are a few ways to up your family fun nights with your home projector:

Bring Storybooks to Life

  • Get the kids excited about reading by projecting images and scenes from their favorite storybook as they read through it. Transform the room into a spooky forest, beautiful castle, magical land and more to immerse kids into the book they are reading. 

Create Interactive Artwork

  • Spark creativity with interactive art! Have kids draw out a scene and bring it to life with effects, movements and textures with your projection mapping software. Or, project black and white images and have them color in the rest!

High-Energy Light Show

  • When that post-Christmas boredom turns into restless legs, get your kids up and moving by creating a musical light show fully equipped with lasers and visual effects that respond in real-time to the music.

Design Magical Backgrounds

  • Take puppet shows and play-time up a notch by projecting magical backgrounds to match the scene. Whether it’s hand puppets or dress-up, this is an easy way to inspire hours of fun and creativity. 

Luxedo’s projection mapping software allows you to transform the world around you into incredible, immersive moments right in your own home – with no expertise required! There are endless ways to use your home projector for a night of family fun. You can thank us later.

Do you have creative ideas about projection mapping projects at home? Say hello – we’d love to hear from you!

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