Weather-Proof Your Light Display with an Outdoor Projector

Luxedo | December 16, 2019
white house with projected sparkles

So many wish to have the most festive house on the block, yet so few actually know what it takes. From ideation to execution, holiday decor is not for the faint of heart. Couple that with unpredictable weather? You’ve got a pretty daunting task ahead of you.

We love to consider the transformative power projection mapping has on both corporate and home event decorations. But an important consideration that’s often overlooked is the ability to weather-proof your outdoor decor. As decor-centered holidays like Halloween and Christmas typically bring colder, more harsh weather conditions, weather-proofing your lights display becomes increasingly important. Thanks to today’s advanced projection mapping technology, outdoor projection systems allow you to keep your house decorated no matter the weather. Simply put, weather-resistant projection mapping is a great way to both simplify and expedite your holiday decor processes.

Before you venture out to painstakingly hang lights and wreaths on every inch of your house, let’s look at some amazing outdoor holiday projection examples.

Winter Wonderland

Watch this ordinary home transform into a cozy winter cottage and gingerbread house with special appearances from the Grinch and Rudolph!

Whimsical Haunted House

We love how this family home became a spooky haunted house fully equipped with singing pumpkins, ghouls and mischievous skeletons. What more could you want out of your Halloween decor?

Saks 5th Ave Holiday Light Show

To showcase holiday projection on a much larger scale, the annual Saks 5th Avenue Christmas Light Show continues to amaze us. These amazing digital decorations never fail to put us in the holiday spirit!

Whether you’re interested in a talking pumpkin that welcomes house guests or simply want a few dazzling snowflakes, utilizing a weather-proof outdoor projection system takes the stress and worry out of holiday decorating, allowing you to focus on what really matters. 

Between all the costume changes and last minute mall-runs, your holiday season is already busy enough! With weather-resistant projection mapping, you can check one more thing off your to-do list. Want to learn more about projection mapping and weather-proof projection systems? Click here or reach out to us directly, we’d love to hear from you!

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