What to Do With Your Holiday Projector After the Holidays?

Luxedo | November 21, 2019
Firework projections display on a white house

The stockings come down, the leftover cookies are eaten and so-goes any remaining scent of pine and peppermint. As the holidays begin to wind down and life returns to business-as-usual, the next coming days are spent moving totes and boxes back to the attic. 

Before you close the door until the next holiday season, you may want to keep your holiday projector out. We showed you how to up your holiday game, but have you considered what else you can do with your holiday projector? With an all-in-one projection software and hardware, the possibilities to create unique, immersive experiences year-round are endless. Here’s a few ideas:

At Home

Why stop at Christmas? Use your projector to spruce up holidays, birthdays, dinner parties and more year-round. With vibrant image and video quality, you can easily decorate any room of the house with the click of a button, transforming areas into immersive experiences that take family fun night to a whole new creative level. 

We love how Le Petite Chef uses projection mapping to bring food preparations right to your plate. Speaking of transforming normal experiences with projection mapping, you can use your scalable mapping software to bring paintings and artwork to life by projecting right in the frame.

At Work

Ever thought about bringing your projector to work? Projection mapping is making its mark on the event industry and, luckily, you’re already two steps ahead of the game! Incorporating light shows, projection scenes and interactive displays in your corporate event is a great way to increase engagement and enjoyment.

Don’t have an event coming up? Use your projector for digital advertisements and creative signage that attracts and engages customers and window-shoppers. With added effects and movements, you can transform your retail display to interact and engage with shoppers. For example, if you’re rolling out new hiking boots in-store, you could create an immersive, winter mountain experience with projection mapping. 

A great way to spark creativity and gather inspiration is checking out what other users create with their projectors. We put together a bunch of helpful resources from relevant articles, blog posts and a portfolio that showcases what customers can do with their Luxedo projector. To learn more information, check out our resource page. Have questions? We’d love to help– say hello!

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